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Best Italian Restaurant In Scottsdale AZ
Best Italian Restaurant In Scottsdale AZ

Experience Authentic Italian Flavors at the Best Italian Restaurant in Scottsdale


Inspired by a collection of meaningful points around the globe, Zingara sources only the finest specialty foods, organic ingredients, bespoke gifts, everyday staples, and handcrafted coffee in Scottsdale.

Located in Scottsdale mountain , here, friends can meet for a homemade pastry. Neighbors can run into each other over a latte. Fresh-made, lunch is always waiting for you. And in the evenings, come sip some wine or join us for dinner at the cozy, inviting ambiance of our renowned spot.

Join us in celebrating our European roots and honoring the many cherished places we’ve had the pleasure of calling home.

Best Italian Restaurant In Scottsdale Arizona
Crafting Community

The woman behind the market

Born in Brazil but raised by restauranteurs in southern Italy, Hera lived and traveled throughout a few places across the globe before her family finally settled in Scottsdale in 1993. A love for cooking and the diverse cultures and foods she experienced across Europe inspired Hera to create her own unique morning gathering spot, mini market and wine bar.

And that’s how Zingara Market in Scottsdale was born.

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Best Italian Restaurant In Scottsdale AZ